ARGT - Al Rahmaniah
General Trading LLC

Decades of trading experience

A.R.G.T., LLC (Al Rahmaniah General Trading, LLC), is an international import/export company. We have offices worldwide: in Boston, USA, Dubai, UAE, and Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Our trade portfolio has gradually expanded across a broad range of categories including pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, surgical instruments, fuel, foods, commodities, handwoven textiles and rugs, manufactured textiles, personal care/cosmetics, and consumer goods.


ARGT wields a dedicated staff with decades of experience in international trade. From our beginning in textiles, we continued through automotive and machinery sectors and now have experience in a broad array of import/export sectors.


Our Boston Office sources and coordinates most of the global purchasing, as well as imports to the United States and other major partner countries such as China and India.